Ability to process diverse event/information streams from distributed sources and applications, and to provide an integrated and complete view of an enterprise based on location, time and composite events of interest coupled with taking specified actions and sending notifications/alerts is a very important requirement by today’s complex enterprises. Such a capability will enable enterprises to provide quality service, minimize cost and adapt changes in a timely fashion.

Some of the application areas of ActiveSchema’s EventMill are

  • industrial and manufacturing applications,
  • telecommunications (e.g. network management),
  • management & control systems (e.g. management of data center resources),
  • command & control systems,
  • banking applications (e.g. fraud detection, alerts based on unusual transactions criteria),
  • financial services (e.g. stock trading),
  • profiling (e.g. dynamically acquired profile-based product/service/promotional offerings at the right time in the right place with personalized content),
  • CRM,
  • security,
  • mobile internet applications (e.g. actionable notifications based on user preferences such as location and time),
  • RFID applications,
  • asset tracking and tracing,
  • GPS based applications (e.g. fleet management, vehicle tracking),
  • automation systems,
  • workflow management,
  • schedule adherence (e.g. transportation industry),
  • monitoring complex situations for exceptions and conformance, and so on.

Event based programming and event driven architectures will simplify capturing and realizing system requirements and will play important role in dealing with complex situations in many application domains.

Power of composite events, location, time, and performing multiple actions in response to such events is endless.