Event Driven Enterprise

ActiveSchema Inc.(ASI) is a supplier of enterprise class Event Processing and Notification/Action System. ASIís mission is to bring Event Based Computing to enterprise infrastructure to improve and automate decision making process. ASIís product enables enterprises to define business events of interest that are critical to detect and act upon in a timely fashion in order to meet their business objectives.

What is an event?

Event can be described as any type of change in a given context of interest such as in a managed/observed environment, applications, services, interactions and business activities of interest.

Simple event vs. complex/composite event

Event can be a primitive/simple event (e.g. value of a measurement from a device exceeds a specified threshold, withdrawal from an ATM machine out of country, transferring funds from a savings account to a checking account) or a composite/complex event which is expressed in terms of other simple and/or composite events. Examples from Financial Services are provided as a point of reference to help illustrate various types of events. There are many situations in a variety of market segments and industries where composite/complex events can be equally applied.

Most alerting systems of today operate using simple event definitions and actions such as send an email or SMS notifications based on value of a particular stock. Composite event definitions and detections can deliver more value and intelligence since its scope is wider than a simple event, it can include multiple aspects of an event, multiple event streams/types, historical events, temporal and spatial events.

For example, instead of considering just a value of a stock, one may want to define a composite event that takes into account last trading dayís value, volume of trading, high and low values in a specified time frame and market indexes to make a better and meaningful decision. Furthermore, actions that are to be performed can be wider in scope and accomplish more than simple notifications, which can lead to automation of many tasks and processes in an enterprise.

ActiveSchema's EventMill Suite enables customers to process events from multiple data sources and applications, when specified events (e.g. composite events) are detected it can perform list of actions associated with those events as a response across the enterprise. EventMillís distributed architecture, configurability and data-driven design approach can easily take advantage of any target deployment platform in regards to performance, scalability and reliability.